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About Us

Continuing Education And Extension Programs

The School of continuing education is an independent college to the National Taipei University of Technology.The college is founded to provide study opportunities for those who have regular jobs but still want to improve and strengthen her/his knowledge and skills. The school hours of this college are over the weekend. Originally, this college was to provide 3-year study for those who want to get a junior college diploma. In 1998, the college upgraded its educational system to provide 2-year bachelor's programs.

The programs we offer are designed to meet the needs of people working in the great Taipei Area. Popular and reputable, the programs admit junior college graduates with some working experiences. To provide opportunities of advanced continuing education, the University offers various graduate courses and provide sound and thorough counseling services.

Since our prospective students are those who have already worked in the Taipei Metropolitan area. We assume that they are capable of speaking and reading Chinese. For further information, please visit our Chinese Web site.